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Experimental projects

Lecturers and Teaching Assistants

Prof. Shahal Ilani
Omer Kneller, Dr. Lee Drori, Evgeny Shulga, Dvij Mankad, Dr. Mattias Birman, Nadav Auerbach, Franzisca Gorniaczyk, Dr. Gur Lubin, Noam Segev, Boaz Raz, Dr. Yuval Rosenberg, Ido Irani, Dr. Viacheslav Smartsev, Dr. Jonathan Shlomi, Dr. Subhradeep Misra, Hemanta Kumar Kundu

Course Schedule and Location

First Semester
Monday, 14:15 - 16:00, Drori Auditorium
Tuesday, 09:15 - 11:00, Drori Auditorium

Field of Study, Course Type and Credit Points

Physical Sciences: Laboratory; Obligatory; Regular; 4.00 points


Obligatory for 1st year MSc students
* Please note syllabus for updated schedule and make-up sessions.





Language of Instruction


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Grade Type

Numerical (out of 100)

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Scheduled date 1


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This is an obligatory course for all 1st year MSc students in Physics. The course intends to expose the students to experimental physics, via hands on experience in labs as well as lectures by experimental PIs in the faculty.
During the 1st semester there will be 2-4 weekly hours of frontal presentation by various experimental PIs, presenting their lab activity.
Between the 1st and 2nd semester there will be 6 weeks of hands on lab experience, split into two 3 weeks projects that will be performed in two different labs.
At the second week of the 2nd semester each student will need to participate in a one full day of presentations, where she/he will give a seminar about their project, hear about the projects done by other students, and grade them.  
List of lectures:
Experimental Projects course 2019-2020  
Drori Auditorium -Date of first lecture: 04/11/2019  
Speaker Mondays, 14:15-16:00 Tuesdays, 09:15-11:00 Thursday, 9:15-11:00
Bar-Joseph  Israel 4-Nov    
Malka Victor   5-Nov  
Gal Yam Avishay 11-Nov    
Oron Dan 25-Nov    
Hod Noam    26-Nov  
Davidson Nir     28-Nov
Duchovni Ehud 2-Dec    
Ofek Eran   3-Dec  
Dan Shahar      5-Dec
Bressler Shikma 9-Dec    
Serge Rosenblum   10-Dec  
Milov Alexander 16-Dec    
Ilani Shahal   17-Dec  
Moses Elisha     19-Dec
Heber Oded 23-Dec    
Stavans Joel   24-Dec  
Gross Eilam 30-Dec    
Firstenberg Ofer   31-Dec  
Efrati Efi     2-Jan
Heiblum Moty 6-Jan    
Leonhardt Ulf   7-Jan  
Zeldov Eli 13-Jan    
Feinerman Ofer   14-Jan  
Dudovitch Nirit 20-Jan    
Maron Yitzhak   21-Jan  
Ozeri Roee 27-Jan    
Beidenkof Haim   28-Jan  

Learning Outcomes


Upon successful completion of this course students should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate some practice in laboratory /experimental work.
  2. Produce relevant questions concerning the research.
  3. Identify and explain the theory behind experiments.
  4. Formulate results of experiments and present them in a lucid way in a seminar.
  5. Have a good perspective on what it means to do experimental physics
  6. Have a broad view of all the experimental activity performed in the faculty of physics 

Reading List